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  • What is Automotive Window Tinting?
    Automotive Window Tinting is where we cover the rear windows in a film of various shade percentage which gives a car an edge of privacy and stops reflective sunlight.
  • What is vinyl wrapping?
    Vinyl wrapping is an artform to cover a car with a new coloured wrap. It is not simple to to it well without lumps and bumps and make it look like it has actually been resprayed a new colour. The wrapping can always be removed back to the cars original colour.
  • What is partial vinyl wrapping?
    Partial vinyl wrapping is where maybe just a bonnet, or a roof or different parts of the car are altered with a coloured wrap to make the car look more individual.
  • How much will a wrap cost?
    Each car is a different size, so just give us a quick call to let us know the make and model and exactly what you need and we will give you a quote over the phone.
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